Terrific food truck with a frequently changing menu. Even though the menu is pork-centric, they are always happy to make me a great vegetarian sandwich
— Nanci Gasiel

I thought I was eating bacon. Instead they gave me heaven!
— 11 year old son of Malanie

Easy to work with and blows away any traditional wedding banquet meal we’ve ever had.
— Jed Mathis

O.M.G. Thier food is absolutely delicious. The service was outstanding. They went the extra mile. Looking forward to eating with them again. Thanks fellas.
— Gigi

First time having a food truck provide meal at a wedding and I feel sorry for whoever has to follow these guys! It was awesome!
— Ray Whitson

Seriously awesome eats! The Chilaquile tots with an egg on top were about as good as food gets!
— Daisy Austin

Ah. Mazing! Best food ever. I will now become a Roaming Hog groupie
— Tammie Kinley Murphy

These guys serve up some hands down great FOOD! Now that you know, the choice is yours
— Isaiah Monroe Davis